Chai Chai

While selling kulfi, we had repeated requests from customers for an addition to our menu — they all wanted us to serve our chai kulfi as a beverage! Many customers told us they have difficulty finding an authentic chai with all the Indian spices they crave.

What sets us apart?

This isn’t your coffee shop’s “chai tea.” By the way, chai means tea, so when you say chai tea, you’re just saying chai chai hence Chai Chai. We use an authentic chai recipe that comes right from our roots. Growing up, our homes were constantly filled with the smells of chai brewing because it was on the stove multiple times a day. Now, we use the same ingredients and recipes we grew up on to offer authentic chai to our customers.

We understand we can’t be everywhere at once and sometimes you just need your chai fix. We’ve begun packaging our mix along with our recipe, so you can recreate our chai in your own home!

Our mix is created with assam black tea, star anise, cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorns, and dried ginger root. One packet will make about 10 cups depending on the level of spice you prefer.